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A seasoned broadcaster for commercial and BBC stations, director of a media company that continues to provide automated radio services to the hospitality sector and program management to community and commercial providers worldwide. Grant is the UK’s ENCO Guru and the leading agent for the internationally acclaimed award winning broadcast automation package.

Grant provides broadcast, programming and imaging consulting services to community and commercial radio providers, rethinking the way the industry delivers content and how listeners consume radio.

He’s a technical consultant to TV and movie set designers looking to replicate broadcast facilities and sets, having worked on Alan Partridge Alpa Papa, Mid Morning Matters, BBC’s Hospital People and many more.

When it comes to voice over work, Grant brings depth, diversity and authority to any script. Whether its station imaging, an audio book or promo read, a character, audio guide, theatrical performance, radio play or interactive app, give Grant your outline and he will find the right tone, accent or character for your project.

As a writer, he creates content for your website, social media or print outlet, whatever the given subject, he creates compelling, consumable, shareable content that gets results.

*Disclaimer* Friendly, cheeky and outspoken… probably opinionated.



Check out some of the vocal awesomeness from Grant Francis right here… click listen, love, hate… Whatever but if you do like what you hear, get in touch today and book a session.

Available over Source Connect, with or without phone direction. Final audio delivered in WAV, MP3 or any flavour of file format you desire… or even better book an “in person” at a place of your choosing (Preferably somewhere hot and tropical or at least close to a bar ta).

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